1. {Tuesday June 17, 2014}

    Among the Innocent is an Official Selection of the Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival

    Among the Innocent is an Official Selection of the Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival



    Sunday, July 13th, 2014 -  10:00 AM - Shorts Program 3 - 2437 Main St. Santa Monica, CA, 90405

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  2. {Wednesday April 16, 2014}

    Among the Innocent is an Official Selection of VISIONFEST 14!

    Among the Innocent is an Official Selection of VISIONFEST 14!

    We’re thrilled that our short film, Among The Innocent, is an Official Selection of Visionfest 14. We’ll be screening at Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick Street New York, NY 10013) on THURSDAY MAY 15th PROGRAM 04 - 9:30pm.




    SCREENING: THURSDAY - MAY 15 - PROGRAM 04 - 9:30pm - TC 1

    Tribeca Cinemas
    54 Varick Street 
    New York, NY 10013 

    NOTE - Special Benefit Screening: A portion of the proceeds for this program will be donated to RealChange - Real Change exists to provide opportunity and a voice for low-income and homeless people while taking action for economic justice.


  3. {Monday November 25, 2013}

    The Federal Film Reserve, LLC is thrilled to release the trailer for our 2013 short film, Among The Innocent, written & directed by Louis Mansfield! 


    A huge thank you to all involved! Christine McDermott, Geoff Morris, Jason Melcher, Steve Saturn, Judith Redding, Ben Wong, Bill Brown Music, Joseph Nasto, Larry DeMark, Josh Friedman, Mike Wohlberg & tFk! Illustration, Jennifer Butler, & Mercedes Legget

    Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and share the video everywhere!

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  4. {Monday October 28, 2013}

    Kindly Enjoy These Short Films #10

    Kindly Enjoy These Short Films #10



    Codename: Simon

    Someday, You’ll Remember Today

    The Origins of Creatures


    Lead Me

    Missing in the Mansion

    Call Back

    Mac ‘n’ Cheese

    Netherland Dwarf



    The Employment

    The Decelerators


    Moving Takahashi

    Teacher of the Year

    Crazy Hands

    Bat Eyes

    Marry Me

    Fred et Marie


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  5. {Wednesday October 16, 2013}

    "Whom God Helps" — Official Selection of the 2013 Festival Penumbra!

    We are excited to announce that Whom God Helps is an Official Selection of the 2013 Festival Penumbra and will be screened in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México November 7th - 11th!





    Cast: Kate Boyer, Brandon Ruckdashel, Jason Vail

    Written and Directed By: Louis Mansfield

    Produced by: Chrissy McDermott

    Federal Film Reserve, LLC Production

    Behind the Scenes:


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  6. {Tuesday October 8, 2013}

    Kindly Enjoy These Short Films #9

    Kindly Enjoy These Short Films #9 via louismansfield.tumblr.com



    One Man’s Loss


    Knife Point

    Glenn Owen Dodds

    From One Second to the Next

    If I had a Heart

    The Replacement Child


    Dark Times

    Next Floor

    My Mom Smokes Weed


    Doubles with Slight Pepper

    Mr. Foley



    Six Dollar Fifty Man

    Division of Gravity


    Ten for Grandpa


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  7. {Wednesday September 18, 2013}

    Kindly Enjoy These Short Films #8


    Un Conte




    The Forge


    From the Future with Love


    Pure Funk

    The Un-Gone

    The 3rd Letter




    The Silent City


    Margo Lilly

    Umshini Wan

    Young Wonder


    Kindly Enjoy These Films #8 by Louis Mansfield

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  8. {Monday September 9, 2013}

    Among the Innocent (Short Film) - There are no innocent bystanders in Hell. War is chock full of them…

    Among the Innocent (Short Film) "There are no innocent bystanders in Hell." New blog post by      



    My dad was in the Air force when I was a kid so growing up I lived on several military bases throughout the country and one in Germany. One of those bases was March Air Force Base (now called March Air Reserve Base) in Riverside, CA and I went to Arnold Heights Elementary School which was located on the base. I remember it all so vividly, if I rode my bike about a mile down to the end of the street there was a baseball field where I played first base for the Padres in little league. We had a base swimming pool where I spent most of my summers and there was one particular field near my friend’s house where we played football. I remember having a huge front and back yard and after dinner I would sometimes go out and throw a baseball up in the air and catch it until the sun went down. I also learned how to ride a bike at March Air Force Base, I remember realizing that my mom’s hand wasn’t holding my seat any longer and that I was riding on my own. I really liked March Air Force Base a lot. We didn’t have a huge house but I didn’t know the difference. It was nice all of the time and I was a kid.


    It was at this time that Operation Desert Storm was happening and I was afraid that my dad would have to leave. The kids in my class were worried for their fathers as well. I thought it was clever to say “Saddam Insane” and I would play with my toys while the news covered the events. My parents assured me that my dad wasn’t going anywhere because he was in the Military Police (MP) and that his job was to protect the base. I thought that was cool but I don’t think I fully understood. I didn’t realize that the fighting would stay in Iraq. We had attacked them so it was only natural that they would retaliate and my dad was here to protect us. My parents reassured me that I was safe and that we had nothing to worry about. Even still I think about staring out my bedroom window looking out to the sky imagining about what I saw on the news happening in my own backyard. Jets and tanks were cool to me and we were the good guys. My parents said everything was going to be okay so it all felt like a movie or a video game. I think about a particular moment in time where I have a memory of being in my room, looking out the widow, and thinking…what if it isn’t okay?

    Last year I saw the films Melancholia and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas around the same time and they got me thinking. I thought about the end of the world caused by military action and being a little boy during it all. I thought about being on March Air Force Base in Riverside CA, Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS, McGuire Air Force Base in Burlington County, NJ, and even Ramstein Air Force Base in Kaiserslatern, Germany. I thought about that little boy who believed his parents that everything will be okay and that we were the good guys. A little boy that thought jets, missiles, and tanks were cool so it was all like the movies. But what if it wasn’t okay? What if something horrible happened? What if the fight had come to my home? The older we get the more aware of what’s happening in the world around us. Some things we agree with and some things we don’t. We trust that we’re the good guys but it’s only logical to think that our enemy thinks that they’re the good guys as well. What if there was a little boy in Iraq that thought that they were the good guys but everything wasn’t okay for him? He didn’t have anything to do with Operation Desert Storm and neither did I. He didn’t invade Kuwait; we were just kids trying to figure out what is happening around us. We wanted to play with friends and learn to ride bicycles. We didn’t have any influence on anything happening yet we were directly affected by it. I was on the side that didn’t have any bombs dropped on it but what if I had been? And even still, what about the innocent children on the other side?

    These ideas and memories have materialized in a short film that I wrote and directed titled Among the Innocent. Instead of a little boy though the main character is a little girl and instead of everything being okay, the situation is the worst case scenario. Chaos disrupts a city caught in the middle of an ambiguous military conflict and panic consumes the population. A mother attempts to hold her family together and while preparing for the worst her children play. Her daughter, Bella, has her dolls dance to a tune of a music box she received as a gift from her father who is away serving his country. As the situation worsens Bella, along with her mother and brother, are confronted with total annihilation. Just as I imagined that I could have been a casualty of war in the unlikely chance that the fighting had come to March Air Force Base, the reality is that there have been innocent children who have lost their lives as a result of military conflict around the world. I understand that war is a complicated issue but no matter how involved, I feel that children should never be collateral damage. I’ve thought about this intently and at length because for a brief moment in my naive childhood understanding, before my parents could reassure me, I thought that I was in danger. And to think that someone just like me, only in a different country, was in very real danger, well, it saddened me as well as inspired me to tell a story from the perspective of a vulnerable child who has nothing to do with war but is confronted by it anyway. 

    NOTE: Among the Innocent

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  9. {Tuesday August 13, 2013}

    Kindly Enjoy These Short Films #6 

    Another collection of excellent short films via Louis Mansfield:


    The Guilt

    The Rules of the Game


    Anniversary Present

    Junkos Shaminsen

    Double Happy

    Plot Device

    Contre Temps

    The Perfect Human

    Consequences of the Kill

    The Final Moments of Karl Brant

    Hadley tk-421

    No Deal

    The Terms


    The Raven



    Vestel - Somalia 


    Cut | Paste

    Alive in Joburg

    Voyage d’Affaires




    Reign of Death


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  10. {Monday August 5, 2013}

    Kindly Enjoy These Short Films #5



    New Boy

    The Door

    Each Moment is the Universe



    The Maker

    The Youth in Us

    Ten Thousand Days

    Post Human





    Mighty Antlers

    The Camera

    And She Stares Longingly at What She Has Lost

    Blind Spot


    Lovely Monster 

    Deus Irae

    The Election

    Table 7

    Closed to the Public

    Blessing in Disguise 

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